Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 2014 Empties

My first empties post!  I've actually loved collecting these, it's really made me think about what i had stashed away, and consciously using up things i had (which has been great considering all the samples i have).  So without further adieu....

Alblanc Cleansing gel, Sofina Lotion, Shu Uemura Moisturising lotion, Collagen Moistful cream

All samples, 3 from my yesstyle japanese sample bag and 1 that came as a freebie when i ordered stuff from Korea.  None were really big enough to know whether i'd rebuy them or not (although i did like the collagen moistful cream, i have another sample of it here).

Ocean Essence diamond eye mask, Ocean Essence rubber mask, Lonvitalite Hand mask

All from LHI boxes.  I still have a few pairs of the eye masks here (i received a whole box of them), they were nice to use (if i remember correctly they were fairly expensive, so i probably wouldn't rebuy); I didn't particularly like the rubber mask, it left my skin feeling ok but i hated the feel of the mask; Hand mask-meh.  didn't really notice any difference to my hands, and would prefer a good hand cream.

Lush Dreamwash and Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

These are samples i've picked up instore.  Dreamwash was nice, did absolutely nothing for what i was sampling it for (eczema, i was given both this and Dreamcream), but it smelt lovely.  I'd prefer a bar of Lush soap over this, though (Hubby has just finished a bar of Honey i washed the Kids, it was divine).  I know Ro's is a lot of people's cult product, i actually didn't think much of it.  It's a bit heavy for me, although i loved the smell and it made a great shaving cream :p

Clairol Colour protect shampoo, Molton Brown Body wash, Katy Perry Purr body wash

I hated this shampoo, it didn't want to foam up, it didn't seem to get any further then the surface of my hair, and i seemed to need an awful lot of it to get my hair clean.  The Molton Brown wash was lovely, although i wouldn't spend that much on a body wash.  The Katy Perry came in a pack with the perfume, so i'm not even sure if it's available separately, i enjoyed using it, though (just like i enjoy using the perfume)

These aren't empty, but are leaving for some reason or another

OPI nail polish, Nude By Nature Tinted Moisturiser, Neutrogena Deep Clean Foam

I know, i know, So many people swear by OPI.  I've tried to love it, i really have, i've tried it by itself, i've tried it in conjunction with base coats, and top coats, and it just won't stick.  Within 24 hours i look like i have a week old manicure, to the point where my husband even notices how chipped it is (my nails do seems to be oiler then a lot of peoples, however with the right combination of products i can get my nails to stay looking nice for a few days at a time).  I also hate the colour pay off, OPI always seems watery to me.  This is going in a box that i'll be passing on.

Nude by Nature Tinted Moisturiser (i also have the BB cream somewhere, once i find it i'm chucking it).  These both came in LHI boxes, both are the right colour for me, and i don't mind them.  I just have so many other brands i prefer (i have 4 other BB creams currently), and these have a tendency to irritate my eyes.  They aren't needed, they continue to be pushed to the back of the drawer and not used, and i would rather rebuy some of the others i have here.

The neutrogena is well and truly out of date, hence it's being chucked.

My empties, there aren't heaps (although i think there will be more this month), but i'm happy to clear some out to make room for more!

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  1. Oh it's a shame that OPI did not work for u...btw I nominated u for liebster award here