Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boe Professional


Boe have released a new range, Boe Professional. Boe Professional sits at a higher price point then the old range, but has a much wider range of products and gives you the option of being able to try some items before buying.
As you can see it is a much more expensive looking range.  It includes everything from makeup bases and foundations, right through to nail polishes and lip balms.  It is presented on a stand instore (compared to the bins that the $2 range was in) and has testers available so you can get the right colour for you.
I found a stand at my local Big W the other day, and i grabbed a nail polish ($4.95) and a Big XXX Kiss lip gloss ($7.95?  roughly).  As you can see the range does retail for more then the original line, but is still on the higher end of the cheap spectrum.

Let's start with the nail polish.  This is supposed to have an extra wide brush, but it is no wider than a Bourjois nail polish (i was using a 1 second per nail Bourjois polish the other day, and i think it was wider).  This is slightly wider than a normal polish, not enough to necessarily make painting you nails any easier.  It's an easy to use polish, you definitely need 2 coats, 1 is very sheer (i did Miss A's toe nails in this in the last hour).  Want to know my biggest bugbear about this, and why it's a disappointment?  It Stinks!!!  Honestly, it smells horrible (actually, it smells cheap and nasty).  I don't know if BYS have changed their formula recently, but this smells like a BYS nail polish.  I don't know if it's going to fade, but i can still taste it at the back of my throat as i type, and Yuck!  Just for that i wouldn't buy another one, but if that type of thing doesn't bother you then it is a nice nail polish. 

Oh, and 1 more thing.  Doing the bottle up tightly means the lid is off centre on the square bottle.  Having them square doesn't feel safe.  Small thing, but it pee's me off.

Let's move on to the lip gloss.  This i like.  Unlike the old range this has no real scent to it, which means it is usable by a larger number of people (whilst i liked the old floral fragrance, i know it wouldn't suit everyone).  It's in the colour Crystelle, a pretty coral that has a pink undertone.  It also has an extra big doe foot applicator, close to a cm wide!  It's huge, not necessarily the neatest way to apply a gloss, but you can make it work.  The gloss is non sticky and the colour, whilst not overly vivid on the lips, lasts for ages (i was wiping colour off 5 hours after i applied it, and i had eaten with it on).  It's fairly moisturising and doesn't feather.

So, what do i think of Boe Professional from what i've tried?  I think it could do with some tweaks.  Firstly that nail polish needs some work, the smell is over powering, and the brush width could be increased.  On the same line the applicator for the gloss could be trimmed down slightly, it is slightly too big.  But it is lovely to see the brand evolve and change, and can't wait to see what they do next.

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