Thursday, October 9, 2014

Polished London Nail Polishes


As you are probably aware, the Sept Violet Box included a Polished London nail polish.  Well, after trying it out, i thought i would give you my thoughts on it.

This is the nail polish straight after application.  It is gorgeous and glossy, and with 2 coats is opaque.  This is 2 straight coats of the polish, no base or top coats.
This was after 3 days.  It starting chipping within 12 hours, and was unwearable after 3 days.

I do plan on trying it again with the appropriate base and top coats, it is a gorgeous nail polish.  But it doesn't live up to their chip proof claims.  And it is relatively expensive ($8) for something that chips easily.

Have you tried the Polished London nail polishes?  What do you think?

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