Saturday, October 11, 2014

RedPawPaw October 2014

Morning lovelies!

I'm Home!  Spent a lovely week away catching up with our families and friends.  I had a shipping notification for my RPP box on Wednesday, and expected to find a card for it in my letterbox.  But a very naughty delivery person had thrown it over my front gate (it was locked, it's the only way in to our yard)!  Luckily it's unscathed.

Redpawpaw is a grocery subscription box, $5 plus postage (postage depends on where you live, i pay $12, so $17 all up) for a box that is worth $30+.  I know last month i had someone comment that i didn't go in to the price and politics of the box, as with any of the boxes on the market you need to do your research to see if the box is a fit for you.  Look at my past reviews, i have bought every RPP box they've put out (this is number 5), plus i've had things to say when they changed the box up.   If you think it suits you, then go for it, if it doesn't then don't.  But i write these mainly to give people an idea of what is in the box i receive, and roughly how much it is worth (i don't use sale prices, i use the full price Woolworths online have).
My Box!!  I must admit, i like the fact that the consumables are separated from the cleaning products. 
Kellogg's All Bran Muesli-RRP $5.50-full size
Vetta High Fibre Spirals-RRP $2.15-full size
Be Natural 4 bars-RRP $4.40-full size
Dolmio Pasta Bake sauce-RRP $4.07-full size  I love that RPP have sent out meals the last 2 boxes, so pasta and sauce.  Means when you go to make it you have everything on hand.
Schweppes Dry-RRP $6.22-sample size $1.55  I honestly thought this was alcoholic at first glance :p
Masterfoods Perfect for Chicken-RRP $2.74-full size
Lipton Yellow Label tea 10 pack-RRP $1.60-full size
Lipton Passion Raspberry tea-RRP $4.17-full size
Finish Power & Pure-RRP $17.08-full size


This box is perfect for us, we will use everything out of it.  However i don't think it's the best box RPP have done.  Sending out a dishwasher product as the main item is risky unless you are ensuring that it is only sent to people who own a dishwasher.  I'd be peeved if i had received the box and didn't own one, without that product the box is worth under $30, and i can see there will be complaints over it (we use our dishwasher daily, so it's the perfect thing for us).

Have you got your RPP box yet?  Is it the same or different?


  1. Gosh lucky nothing broke, naughty postman.
    I haven't got mine yet but I don't have a dishwasher so I would not too thrilled with that but I am sure my mum would be delighted.
    Everything else I would use.

  2. Hey, honey! What do you think about follow each other via bloglovin? If you want, just follow me there and I'll follow you back!

  3. Hmmm...postie threw mine over the gate too. A six foot gate! Unfortunately not everything survived for me.

  4. Red paw paw is such a great idea. I have to agree that it doesn't appear to be their best box. I still kind of wish I hadn't cancelled my subscription. I just have too many things to try at the moment.
    Aimee :)