Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Leezi Abundance Stained Lip Gloss

Afternoon all!

I've been giving Ebay a workout recently.  I spotted these little beauties, and thought i'd try them out.  Please excuse the photos, it's miserable outside and what's constituting as natural light is very dull.
These are Leezi Abundance Stained Lip Glosses/  They were $1.36 each!  They came in these gorgeous gold boxes, with an ingredients list and an interesting product description (which has quite clearly been translated to english, i don't think anyone wants a 'Bloody moist feeling').  The boxes are something you expect to find in Priceline, and don't come across as cheap.
The actual glosses have a clear base and a pretty cream top (it almost looks metallic or iridescent).  They're really sturdy tubes, better than anything BOE puts out (and cheaper). 
The applicator isn't quite a doe foot, but is the same kind of idea, and is extremely easy to use.

Enough about the packaging, let's move on to the product itself.
First thing's first.  These aren't glosses.  They're stains.  They're pretty much identical to the Peripera Milk Tints. 

However, they're nice stains.  They are easy to build up the colour, they stain nicely (i've had the swatches on for over an hour, i've washed my hands and i still have marks on my hand.  The tints are drying, all the brands i've tried are the same.  They are perfect for a low maintenance lip colour, apply the tint first thing, then carry around a balm or gloss for moisture.  The pale pink (#18) only leaves a faint mark, the purple (#16) is darker, and the dark pink (#17) leaves a very bright stain.  None of the stains are scented.

For the price these are amazing.  They aren't what i expected, but i can see myself using them regularly, and i'm thinking of buying the 2 colours i didn't buy.

I bought them from http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cosmetic-Glitter-Long-Lasting-Bright-Moisturize-Lip-Gloss-Lipstick-Lip-Cream-O47-/321656565302?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&var=&hash=item4ae439ae36

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