Thursday, April 30, 2015

Violet Box April 2015

Morning Lovelies!!

Violet Box had a few issues this month, their sneak peek didn't end up making it to their warehouse in time, so they've thrown together a box in order to get it out.  Hence it's only here on the 30/4 (so most people will get their box in May).
 Honestly, it looks thrown together this month :(
Urban Skincare Co Daily Hand and Body Cleanser-RRP $26.95 (500ml)-sample size (35ml)

This smells lovely, like oranges.  It's a soap alternative, can be used on the hands/body or as bubble bath.  It has both calcium and magnesium in it, and coriander oil.  It isn't tested on animals, paraben free etc.  sounds interesting.
Lonvitalite C2 Collagen Protein Wrinkle Removing Mask-RRP $39.95-sample size

I think i had this complaint last month?  Maybe the month before.  These masks are sold separately for $9.95, the RRP given to us by VB is for a box.  Therefore the RRP should be $9.95, the value of the box isn't bumped up by giving us the price of the box.  That said, i'd be really happy for this brand to not be included in next months box.
Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder-RRP $38-sample size

This is really, really tiny.  Full size is 21g, this is only 4g.  It's a finishing powder, from reviews i've read the colour does suit multiple skintones, first look though it's pale.  Very pale.  It absorbs excess oil.  The company is interesting, though, they're inspired by Greek beauty, and are named after a Greek island.  Cruelty free, they donate money to help families in Greece, and focus on natural beauty (POD would be proud).
Evelyn Iona Natural and Organic Concealer-RRP $24.99-sample size

I'm happy to see the brand back, i loved the lipgloss last year.  This, however, i'm not sure what to make of, and the above product might come in handy.  This is made out of Vit E, Cocoa Seed butter and coconut, jojoba and castor seed oils.  It's oily!  It seems quite sheer, and i think anyone with oily skin is going to find this won't work for them.  I'm going to have a play with it, and see what i can do, but i just don't know if it'll do much, or stay put.  And another thing.  If you do want to use this, put it to the front of your stash, it's the type of product that is going to go rancid easily. You can smell the oils used.
Tini Beauty Eye Shadow by Rob Scheppy-RRP $16-full size

This is another repeat brand.  It's a nice, neutral champagne-y coloured eye shadow.  It's fairly well pigmented, is nice and soft, with not a huge amount of fallout.  It's going to be a nice base colour for most people.

Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel and FaceContour and Tightening Creme-RRP $49 and $59-sample size

Ok VB, i get the picture, it's my birthday next week and i'm getting old (between this, the mask and concealer).  But i still have another year in my 20's, so bugger off!  These are the most dreaded sachet samples, the eye gel may have enough for 2 uses, although feels like it's mostly air, same for the creme.  GAH!!
Aphrodite powder, concealer and eye shadow swatches
All in all, it isn't the worst box i've ever received, but it does feel very thrown together.  I know we're spoilt normally by VB, but the sheer amount of samples in the box is a let down.  Hopefully everything gets back on track for May.

What do you think? 

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