Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Me Now Perfect Eye/Lip Pencils

Morning all!

A few weeks ago i was browsing through Ebay (as you do), and i found these gorgeous eye/lip pencils.  So i bought a set!
These are the Me Now Generation II Perfect Eye/Lip Liner Pencils.  Individually they go for $1-$1.30 (if you can find the colours you want), or as a pack of 12 for around $6.50 AUD (i bought mine from Tinxi-English). 
They're lovely.  All the pencils are soft and go on smoothly, the colours are bright and highly pigmented, and they're cheap!  They do need sharpening, but for the price i can forgive that.  The pencils themselves are beautiful, a shimmery cream background with patterns in the same colour as the pencil.
The colours!  From top to bottom-

#010-Bronze (metallic)
#012-Gold (metallic)
#007-Purple (metallic)
#008-Royal Blue
#009-Aqua Blue (metallic)
#005-Dark Blue-Green
#011-Emerald? Green (metallic)
#014-Olive-Lime Green (metallic)
As you can see they do smudge (but what a pretty smudge!), but i did this as soon as i finished applying them.  When left for a few minutes they are harder to smudge, and they leave a marked even after i scrubbed my arm.

For the price these are amazing, and they're perfect if you're looking to experiment with different colours.  I can't wait to play with mine some more.

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  1. How do you sharpen the me now generation II perfect eye/lip liner?