Friday, May 2, 2014

Lust have It April 2014

Finally, finally my box is here.  A shipping notice went out last week wednesday (the 23rd), and it's rocked up today 2/5.  I get that there were a few public holidays in April, but shipping taking this long makes me think that the boxes weren't sent when the emails were.  And there are a number of people thinking the same.

Anyways, April marked a change in packaging.  Our boxes are now bags.  Meh.  I like the bag sent, but it says to me there will be another change in the future as they will decide that people have too many bags, and i don't like paying out the price of a LHI box just to get pretty packaging.  I'd prefer all the money spent on new packaging went back in to the contents of the boxes, and send everything out like they did last month (which i know got complaints, but it's better then crap samples).  No beauty dips that i've seen, and another month that included a choice. 

This is the bag in question.  I don't mind it. it's big enough to be useful, without being massive.  My zipper is a bit sticky, so hopefully it lasts the distance, and it seems well made.  But it won't take long to have more then enough of these.

Claytime Australia mineral bronzer-RRP $29.95-full size?

This was our sneak peek for the month.  It's supposedly full size (LHI are assuring us that the product card is wrong, and that what we have is full size, however the claytime website sells bronzer in 7g lots, ours is only 3g).  The product says this is a LHI limited edition, which i don't get the point of unless LHI are going to sell the product in the same colour.  What's the point in testing something that we can't repurchase?  It's a lovely bronzer, though, the perfect colour for my skin (not too dark), not too sparkly, the pot has a sifter etc.  I'm happy to give it a go, but yeah, hopefully someone will be able to sort out the full size/sample size idea soon.

Glamourflage Jane Gem Face Primer-RRP $22.95-full size 

This was the product we got a choice on, either this or a lip/cheek stain.  i have a tonne of stains and lip products, so chose this instead.  The packaging is gorgeous, not so sure about the applicator (it looks like nail polish, it may be better in a pump bottle).  It's clear, thick and doesn't really have a scent.  I don't prime, i should but i tend to forget, and it's something i haven't really tried out, so i'm looking forward to trying this.

Samples-wotnot oily skin wipes, aveeno lotion, bioderma nourishing cream.

I'm putting all 3 of these together as i'm not overly impressed with them.
 1) wotnot were giving these away from their facebook page a couple of months ago.  It's been wotnot overkill in boxes lately, and it seems boxes are trying to chuck them in whenever they can.  I hate getting samples that i know can be obtained away from boxes, it cheapens the box, and i don't want to pay for something i can source myself.
 2) Aveeno, again a sample that i have received directly from the company itself.  It's cheap moisturiser, it's nothing to write home about, and coming from a box that once prided itself as a market leader, it's a piece of crap!
3)  I have a feeling this has rocked up in another box in the past.  Anyway, it's another moisturiser, making 2 samples from a 5 item box moisturiser.  Blah.

LHI, WTF is going on?  I can remember a time when LHI had that most amazing items in their boxes, samples and brands that no one had ever heard of before, and were offering trends before they existed.  It's starting to feel like you spend more money on packaging then you do on the items that go in to the boxes, how else can you explain the shite samples?  You really need to pick up your game, or LHI will be the next box down the drain.

Am i the only one feeling this way? 


  1. Wow, your blog post pretty much mirrors mine - this was the box that made me threaten to leave too! Two moisturisers in one box is just plain cheeky, and WotNot is driving me mental with the overkill, unless they have something new to offer they really need to back off for a while because shoving the products down our throats through every single subscription box that exists is driving us mental.

  2. Yep, so sick of getting the same item over and over again. I don't mind a new or different product from the same brand, but this slightly-different-but-the-same sucks. And i don't subscribe to another box due to the fact they tend to put multiple moisturisers in each box. Luckily LHI have picked up their game this month