Sunday, July 13, 2014

Goulburn Trip Haul!

Hi all!  Long time no blog.

It's school holidays here, so Hubby and i thought we'd take the kidlets on an adventure.  We went by train to Goulburn for the day, and i couldn't help looking through the make up sections in a few shops.  Goulburn has pretty much the same shops as here, but of course clearance bins differ where ever you go.

My haul!  Most of it came from Target, which had a great clearance area.  I ended up grabbing 10 items (the 2 models prefer lip crayons were from Priceline, the 2 pack for $5), although there were plenty of other great items to be had.

Maybelline Color Show in 390 Audacious Asphalt-RRP $5.95-Paid 10c

This is a light grey cream nail polish, very pretty and the perfect basic grey.  I love all things grey, so i had to have this.

B Collection in Zurich-RRP $14.95-Paid 10c

This looks like a french manicure colour.  A translucent beige.

Sinful Colours in Calypso-RRP $4-Paid 10c

This was hard to photograph.  It's a dark green-blue cream.

Essence Show Your Feet LE in 22 Green Lagoon-RRP $3.95-Paid $1

Gorgeous turquoise green cream.  Not as opaque as the bottle claims, though.

Loreal Colour Riche in 112 Marrakech Sand-RRP $6.95-Paid 10c

Really pretty apricot cream.  My favourite of the lot.

Rimmel 60 Seconds in 460 Limealicious-RRP $7.95-Paid 10c

Footy Nail polish!  My team are known as the green machine, so this is perfect.  A bit streaky at 2 coats, but should be good with 3.

 Max Factor Masterpiece in Stardust-RRP $19.95-Paid 10c

This is a bluey-silver eyeshadow.  I tested it on my hand yesterday, and then put gloves on over the top.  Hours later it hadn't budged.  Looking forward to giving it a proper go.

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Concealer in Light/Medium-RRP $11.95-Paid $1

I've read some good things about this.  It goes on lovely and smooth, and it's easy to regulate how much comes out of the tube.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in 13 Remember Amber-RRP $2.75-Paid 10c

This is a pretty butter yellow.  Have no idea when i'll get a chance to use it, but it's so smooth it'll be a dream to apply.

Loreal Nudes for Life lip liner in Belle Naturelle-RRP $31.59-Paid 10c

This has a sharpener in one end!  It's quite dark, but will make a perfect base under a too-light lipstick.

There you go!  $109.99 worth of cosmetics for $2.80.  It's mainly all older lines, but still is a great bargain.

Models Prefer Lip Crayons in Black Cherry and Raspberry Ripple.

These were a 2 pack, originally $9.95 but marked down to $5.  They're unscented and go on sheer.  They do apply nicely, but are hard to build on and would make a lovely day colour or on top of a lip stain.

Australis concealer, Masterpiece eyeshadow, Essence eye liner, Loreal Nudes for Life, Models Prefer raspberry ripple/black cherry

Maybelline colour show, B Collection, Loreal colour riche, Rimmel 60 seconds

Sinful Colours, Maybelline, Rimmel, Essence show your feet

There you go!  Everything listed for a grand total of $7.80!  Not too shabby at all.

What's your best bargain find?


  1. Wow, what fantastic bargains!

  2. Hi Olivia,
    So many great colours, its always nice to find items at a cheaper price and you got so much for $7.80.
    I hope the weather in Goulburn wasn't too bad.
    Kind regards
    Aimee :)

  3. Thanks Aimee! The weather was ok, a bit drizzly, but not too wet.