Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello Fresh!

Hi All!

I think by now nearly everyone who subscribes to an Aussie beauty box knows about Hello Fresh, right?  For those who don't, Hello Fresh is a meal 'box' (for lack of a better word) that sends out a box of meal ingredients.  You can choose to have 3 or 5 meals delivered, for either 2, 4 or 6 people, and you'll get a box with recipes and everything needed to make them.  A 2 person, 3 meal box is $64 (that's for the Classics box, there is also a vegetarian box which is $59), which isn't exactly cheap, but everything you get is great quality and is fresh.  The delivery area is small, but if you're in Brisbane/Gold Coast, Sydney/Central Coast, Canberra and Melbourne you should be fine.

Anyway, a mum from my online mother's group uses Hello Fresh regularly, and was offered a few to give away to friends, and i gladly took her up on the offer.  My Classics box was delivered this morning, and i thought i'd show everyone exactly what Hello Fresh was all about.

 This is how it arrives.  I opted to have mine left at my front door, and i came home to this waiting for me.

 Inside the cardboard box looks like this.  All the veg/herbs etc are on one side, and a styrofoam box holds a cold pack and my meat/cheese.

 All my ingredients.  As you can see the boxes come with plenty of food, and everything is provided, down to the onion and garlic.  The only things i can see that you are expected to supply are things like olive oil and salt/pepper.  The meat looks amazing, and the vegies are all as fresh as possible.

Finally my recipes, a welcome booklet and a couple of discount vouchers for other businesses.

My recipes for the week are Oven Baked chicken with grapes and brussels sprouts, Pork Cutlets with asian slaw-fry and Roasted vegetable quesadilla, the 5 meal menu also included Salmon with moroccan couscous and Winter pasta bake.  The recipes are short and sweet, very easy to follow, and are supposed to take under 30 mins.  They really look fool proof!

If our family was smaller, or we didn't have kids, i'd certainly continue with this subscription, unfortunately it doesn't work for us atm.  But it is definitely worth trying out.

If you are interested, using the code 9889FV will get you $30 off your first box!

Have you tried Hello Fresh?  Are you interested?


  1. I've got a couple of those $30 vouchers from subscription boxes and have been considering it for a while, the contents of the box does look good, and it would a great way of trying out some new recipes.

  2. Definitely! You get the recipes for the full 5 days even if you only get a 3 day box, so there are extras to try. For $34 it isn't a bad deal

  3. It does look pretty good, I might actually use one of my vouchers now. Thanks for the review

  4. hmmm I received a few $30 vouchers but I couldn't justify paying the amount when I can spend the same amount for over a week's worth of grocery :/ they will save time though!!

  5. Not a problem Krystle! I know i avoided using the vouchers as i had no idea what the box would actually be like. I reviewed it for that reason, to show what you get for your money.

    Lily they are expensive, as i said for our family they are completely out of reach (we have 3 kids, almost 8, almost 6 and 15 months, to buy a box for 6 people/5 meals is $279. That's almost our fortnightly food budget for everything), but as a here and there thing when you need an easy, healthy way out it's perfect. And a first box for $34 is excellent.

    So far we've had the quesadillas and the chicken, and both have been amazing. So much so Hubby wants a repeat of both