Friday, July 18, 2014

My New Earrings

Morning all!

I'm taking a slightly different path this morning, and discussing my brand new earrings.  Now, they aren't normal earrings, I have stretched ears (only very slightly, they still look like normal piercings when out), and i bought some new hangies from my favourite body jewellery store a few weeks ago.  They turned up earlier this week, and i want to show them off!!

Firstly I'll tell you about this amazing online store.  It's called Body Art Forms, and they sell almost any body jewellery your heart desires.  They have a great range of economy body jewellery, a range of higher end jewellery, and they have a preorder system, where you can order jewellery to your specifications from top brands (places like Anatometal, Industrial Strength and Neometal).  Along with all this there is a great messageboard, where you can get advice from other BAF shoppers about problems, piercings and jewellery.  They ship internationally, which is great, and shipping costs are reasonable.  what more could you want?

Any way, a few weeks ago a grab bag popped up in the clearance section, and i managed to grab one in my size (There are still a few left at 6g, but none of the others).  3 pairs of organic hangies for US$15.95, most hangies sell for $20+, so even if only 1 pair was to my liking, i was still saving money (oh, it came down cheaper!  I've bought enough to get a 10% saving off my purchases, and i had $2 store credit).  Plus i wanted a pair of big CBRs for a project i want to start.  All up, including postage, my total was US$22.88!  Bargain!  2 weeks after i ordered my parcel was here on my doorstep.

Here's what i received-

 These are gorgeous on.  They're Golden horn (i think), and as you can see from the crappy photo below, they are an amber colour in light (with a gorgeous darker stripe through them).  Golden horn hangies sell for more than $30 normally on BAF, so these make the entire bag worthwhile (none of the styles are still available on BAF, they're all old designs).

These also show up amber under light, but not as clearly as the first pair, so i think they might also be golden horn.  Styles like this are going for around the $25 mark, and they are cute on.  They show up black when worn.

These look to be wooden pinchers.  I'm not overly fussed on them, but they may come in handy some time.

These are the CBRs i grabbed in addition to the grab bag, if the project i have in mind works i'll show them off completed.

So, there you go!  My $15.95 grab bag ended up being worth $60-$80, and i got 2 pairs that i really like.  Score!

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