Monday, July 14, 2014

June Empties 2014

Late empties post (sorry).

 Last month was a ' use up all those half empty shampoo's/conditioners'  month.  I had a shower full of bottles, so it's nice to have the space back.

Protane moroccan argan oil shampoo-This is from Aldi.  I don't like it, it didn't seem to get right down to my scalp, and my hair didn't feel properly clean after using it (it looked dirty too quickly), plus in combination with the matching conditioner it was too heavy for my hair.  Hubby loves it though.
Pantene-I don't mind Pantene, i know a lot of people don't like it, though.  The ' normal'  stuff is from a box of haircare i was sent a couple of years ago, I prefer the Aqua Light (bought on sale at Priceline, a 3 piece pack for $4.99).
Andrew Collinge-Bah!  Didn't like, did nothing it claimed to, wouldn't touch the brand again.
EVO-i love this, but after looking up the prices online it is out of reach :( 
Aveda hair oil-OMG, I want the full size!  Non greasy, didn't weigh my hair down, and smelt amazing.  Such a tiny sample went a long way, too.
Loreal ever pure-There was only enough for 1 use in these, nice but would need a bigger sample to give it a good go.

Neostrata Illuminating serum-why do companies insist on such small samples?  I couldn't judge anything off this other than it didn't make me breakout.
Solace (i think) coconut and lime body wash-cheap and nasty.  Bought because it came with a gorgeous teddy bear at the after xmas sales. 
Hydropeptide samples-I won a travel kit off Beauty Diary, again they're all too small to tell anything really.
Kosmea Rose Hip Oil-I think i prefer Trilogy, but it was still nice.  The bottle is now full of Emu oil (hence it doesn't look empty)
Mirenesse Mascara-I've only used this once, but i hated it.  It didn't want to dry, it didn't do anything for my lashes, just really yuck.  It's going.

There you go, only a small empties post, although it's nice to see the back of some of the products.

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  1. I hard a lot of negative reviews about a few of mirenesse's mascaras, apparently the more appealing it sounds, the lesser the quality.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food