Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Essence......

I know, right, more Essence! 

One of my local Pricelines had chucked some different Limited Editions in to their clearance bin the other day, and i managed to grab some.  I originally went in to buy some of the current edition (Dark Romance), so ended up getting more than planned.   FYI Dark Romance seems to be flying off the shelves, if you are at all interested i'd hurry up, i'm on the hunt for 1 of the lipsticks, and so far the Pricelines i have been to are sold out.

What i originally went in for.  I managed to grab the Velvet Mousse Blush in 01 Painted Love and the Lipstick in 02 Painted Love (there's a darker red available in both).  The packaging is beautiful, the blush has a lovely lace pattern around the bottom of the tub, and the black is matte black.  Both feel sturdy as with all Essence makeup.  These are both a pretty red, the blush almost looks like a watermelon colour, and lipstick is a pinky-red.  The blush is extremely pigmented, but blends out easily (you only need the smallest amount, though).  The lipstick is the same quality as all my Essence lipsticks, nicely pigmented and non drying.  Both are unscented.

I can't wait to give this blush a proper go.  It feels amazing on my hand, very soft and light.  The lipstick will also get a workout, it's the perfect red for me.  By memory the Blush retails for $4.50, the lipstick for $3.50.

Velvet mousse blush both blended out and unblended, lipstick
2 of my clearance items, Metal Glam Blush in 01 Glam-me and Lipgloss in 03 Glam-me.  The blush is a gorgeous shimmery coral blush that is a nice smooth liquid (unscented, easy to use so on so forth).  The lipgloss is a champagne-y coloured sheer lipgloss, blackberry scented and easy to use. 

Metal Glam was one of the LE's i wasn't overly fussed about when it first came out, but these are both lovely products.

Blush and Lipgloss
Finally 2 more nail polishes.  Cherry Blossom Girl nail polish in 04 It's Peach Not Cherry, and Season of Extremes in 04 Just The Nude Of Us.  The Cherry Blossom Girl is a gorgeous Peach cream, Season of Extremes is a double ended nail polish, one end is a nude cream, the other is a transparent bluey-green shimmer (these are designed to be worn separately or together, to create your own look).

There you go!  Hopefully the priceline i'm heading to today has the final piece of the Dark Romance piece i'm looking for!


  1. I saw this range at priceline the other day, I was blown away by the pigmentation of the blush! i'm very curious to see how you go with it!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. It is gorgeous! I tried it out the other day, and it comes out as a beautiful flush of colour that lasts the whole day, and because it's sheer you can build it up to be exactly what you want. I'd love it if they'd bring out a version to their normal range