Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lust Have It June 2014


Look what finally rocked up, my 'June' Lust Have It 'box'.  Not much of a box, and it didn't rock up in June, despite supposedly being sent last wednesday.

Another crappy bag and another Hello Fresh 'exclusive voucher'.  Every man and his dog have these vouchers, so i don't know what's so 'exclusive' about them, and they work out to cost a bit even with the voucher.  Off to the bin it goes.

Teeez Head over Heels Nail Polish-RRP $18-full size

The one exciting part of the entire box.  I got the colour Atomic Dragonfly, a gorgeous navy blue with a blue shimmer.  As per all Teeez products the packaging is amazing, and this polish claims to last 3 days without chipping, so i'm excited to try it out.

John Plunkett Glyco Peel-RRP $29.95-full size

Meh.  It's a night time exfoliant, i can't say i'm at all interested in this product, might have something to do with the prize i just won over at Violet Box.  Still, it's a repeat brand, and boring as bat-shite.

Orly Nail File and Toe Separators-RRP $1.65 and $4.95-full size

See that sticker on the nail file?  It says 'FREE with every 2 Orly mini polishes'.  Other boxes have that sticker on both items.  So these shouldn't even have a RRP, they're freebies.  And who the hell pays $4.95 for a set of toe separators?   LHI, adding GWP and telling us they're 'full sized products' to bump up the value of your box is not on.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque face and eye cream

FFS, this takes the cake.  See the effaclar?  It's also in Bellabox this month, meaning that for the last 2 months LHI and BB have contained the same item.  And the Nuxe has been in previous VB, it isn't new, it isn't interesting.

So, realistically, in the Aussie subscription box market, there was not one new brand in this box.  It was supposedly 'worth the wait', yet other than the Teeez i'm not seeing anything worth waiting for, and it's worth less then i paid for the entire box.  Not only that, but shipping took forever, and whilst LHI will blame Australia Post for boxes not arriving, i had other items rock up in less time than this box took, which suggests to me that these weren't sent when stated, but we'll never know thanks to a lack of tracking numbers.

This is it for me with LHI atm, between the crap boxes that are turning up, the absolutely terrible customer service (i'm still waiting for a replacement of the lip tattoos from the FAB box, i've filled out everything properly and haven't received anything), and the apparent lack of transparency from the company i need a break.  For me to come back i would need a constant improvement in box contents, for customer service to lift their game, and for the company to stand up and accept when they stuff up and say 'sorry'.  Subscribers are being treated like mushrooms, and LHI are focusing more and more on their specialist boxes (namely FAB) to the detriment of the boxes that made them the company they are.

Sorry LHI, but Goodbye, and Thanks for all the fish. 


  1. Good on you Olivia for being true
    It's a crappy box and a disappointing one
    I have for everything same except the nailpolish I went for eyeliner that supposed to be waterproof but it isn't
    I have cancelled my subscription too and I have had enough of them x

  2. I like your honesty! I finally received my LHI package today after receiving the despatch email over a week ago. I received the same as you did, including the same shade of Teeez Nail Polish. I think everyone received the same this month with either the eyeliner or nail polish. I unsubscribed again for the second time in almost 18 months as I've found the boxes have left me feeling a bit flat for too long now. Almost every box this year has arrived in the following month, samples are repeated, and just not giving me the same thrill I received when I first signed up. I've had enough!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Once upon a time if there were this many complaints with a box Nicci would come along, apologise for it, and they would make sure that they took everything on board and grow stronger. Now they couldn't care less if their customers are happy or not, especially those who purchase the womens box (they seem to care about FAB customers, i assume because they pay more). If enough of us stand up and leave, they might realise their stuff up, or they'll end up where most of the other aussie boxes have.