Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lust Have It may 2014

Can i be perfectly honest?  I have been a bit over my LHI boxes recently.  I don't know whether it's just box overload (i've been with LHI for just over 2 years now) or just crappy boxes (not super crappy, but not completely awesome), but i was at the point of giving them one more month and then cancelling.  There have been issues postage (ie the april boxes not arriving til may), there have been some suss product sizes (which may not be completely LHI's fault, but it doesn't inspire confidence) and repeats of samples and brands way too regularly.  Not to mention price increases, product quality decreases, packaging changes etc, etc.  It's just been a bit meh!

So, imagine my surprise this morning when a box arrived at my door.  I thought it would be VB (my shipping notification was sent yesterday, so it could arrive anytime) but it was my LHI!  May 20th *gasp*, less then 3 weeks after my april box arrived (i must admit it took me a little while to figure out why the VB sneak peeks weren't in my box.  I felt like a doofus once i figured it out).

This months box came in the black out box, with the products wrapped in tissue paper.  no new packaging, but it was explained why on a separate card (the new packaging didn't arrive in time, and they didn't want the boxes to be held up just because of the packaging), and they've given members $20 to try out a new box to apologise for the lack of packaging (which means you can get an eco box for $9.95, or try the FAB box for $15).  Congrats LHI for trying to make things right!! 

On to the products

Mary Kay Lip Lacquer-RRP $22-Full Size

This was our product that we could choose this month.  it came in a zip lock bag with the lacquer and a mini retractable lip brush (it's so cute).  2 colours to choose from, the one above is chai latte, and there was also pink pagoda.

(i will apologise now for not reviewing this better.  I was fairly certain i chose the pink pagoda over the chai latte, as the chai latte is a colour i won't wear much.  I've emailed LHI to look in to it, which they are, but i don't want to open this one any further at the current time.  I promise a more in depth review soon).

The Cosmetics Kitchen Pure Mineral Blush-RRP $34.95-Full Size

This is another limited edition for LHI (like the bronzer from last month).  It's in the colour strawberry and i am absolutely in love with the packaging (it's so cute).  It contains 6g of product, and has no nasties.  I don't think it's an overly strawberry shade, it's a gorgeous mauve instead, perfect for the colder months.  It goes on fairly sheer, but is easy to build up.  I can see some people having issues with it, it is fairly shimmery, but i really like it.

Coral Colours Eyebrow Definer Pencil-RRP $7.95-Full Size

Coral Colours is one of those brands i don't tend to look at very much these days.  My favourite lipgloss as a teen was from coral (a really pretty shimmery pink, although it tasted and smelt foul) and my favourite lipstick (metallic purple, it matched my shimmer powder and hair mascara.  i wore it with stick on stars and glitter.  Guess which era i was a teen in?  Actually i think i still have a tiny amount left in a tube here).  Anyways, this is a brown eyebrow pencil.  It's a colour that will suit me, and i'll have to give it a go.  It did tug slightly when i swatched it, however that might have more to do with the weather here then anything else (the sun has just decided to come out, it's been a bit cool today).

Appelles Rosemary Body Bar-RRP $4.95-Full Size

This smells amazing!  very lemon myrtle-y (it's actually rosemary and lemon myrtle), is organic, isn't tested on animals etc, etc.  But the smell!!!  Disappointing thing about this?  It's in the current eco box, and is also in the may Bellabox, which for some would make this bar #3.  I don't mind if LHI double things up between their range of boxes, but they should give a bit of a gap for those who subscribe to more then one.

Sasy n Savy Vitamin Enriched Facial Recovery Masque-RRP $50-sample size

What do i like about this?  It's aussie made (but not owned) and it has some lovely oils in it (macadamia, lavender, lime etc) which make it smell lovely.  What's meh about it?  It's another mask.  But it sounds and smells lovely, so i'm interested to give it a go.

Cosmetics Kitchen blush and Coral Colours pencil swatched

So, my thoughts on the box.  4 full sized products, equaling $69.85 worth of value, however 3 of those products are repeat brands (there was a mary kay cleansing oil in a box last year, maybe the year before, and a appelles set -shower gel, body lotion and soap- in a box roughly the same time period ago.  Cosmetics kitchen was in a box at the start of this year).  All in all i'm happy with the box, 2 of the repeat brands are from long enough ago that it really doesn't matter, plus they are all different products (bar the soap, however this one is full size plus a different scent).  It's nice to see a commercial aussie cosmetics brand (coral colours is readily available, and is relatively cheap and good quality), and it is lovely to find a brand new brand in my box.

Have you received yours?  What d you think?


  1. I feel that the packaging for the blush is inconvenient especially since I had a hard time opening it, did you find it hard as well? Wish the eyebrow liner was a taupe shade (since it is a universal shade), another gift to my friend I guess now.

  2. It doesn't completely undo, you twist then pull. It isn't the easiest, though. and whilst the eyebrow pencil shade doesn't bother me (i naturally have dark hair, currently it's dyed dark red), it would be nice if they put universal shades in instead