Saturday, May 31, 2014

Introducing RedPawPaw-May 2014

Morning all,

I'm taking another departure from my normal content (although it fits my budget tag) to bring you a new subscription box on the market.  Red paw paw is a grocery subscription box, and for $5 a month (if you're willing to leave feedback, $10 if you just want the box) you get a box of goodies delivered to your door (unfortunately they currently have a limited delivery area due to the box being couriered.  hopefully the more of us that get behind them the larger that distribution will be).

This is their first month of deliveries, and there have been some teething issues.  I signed up 3 weeks ago, but was somehow missed.  I sent off an email 29/5 querying why i hadn't received anything, had a response that night that a box would be packed the next day for me, and this morning, 31/5, i had a box on my doorstep.  Great customer service!  (unlike another subscription box, but more about that in coming weeks).

Anyway, on to the contents of the box.

This is your box.  It comes in a normal brown box for delivery, but you open that one to this.  nice and sturdy, perfect for storage when empty, and is has movable dividers inside.

 The May box!!!  As you can see there is plenty in the box, most of it is full size, and the samples are generous.

 First thing you see when you open your box is this!  It's a glossy magazine telling you about the contents of the box, plus what is Aussie from the contents.  There was also a single sheet with a couple of recipe ideas for the jam.

 Special K Cracker Crisps-RRP $4.29-Full Size
Taylor's Pea and Zucchini Soup-RRP $4.29-Full Size (this is marked as a Aussie Made product)

Green's Buttermilk Pancake Shake-RRP $3.12  (325g)-Sample Size (200g, valued at $1.92)  (another aussie made item)
Henry Jones & co Fruit and Chia Jam-RRP $5.36-Full Size (again another Aussie item.  I also received a voucher via email for 50% off this at Woolworths)

 Saxa Iodised Sea Salt Flakes-RRP $9.02 (200g)-Sample Size (112g, valued at $5.05)
Saxa Smoked Cyprus Sea Salt Grinder-RRP $5.90-Full Size

(saxa is the last Aussie made brand in the box)

 Mentos Pure Fresh Gum-RRP $2.14-Full Size
Mentos Very Berry Chews-RRP $1.40-Full Size

Pine-o-Cleen Disinfecting Wipes-RRP $4.50-Full Size
Finish Quantum Dishwasher Tablets-RRP $30.09 (40 tabs)-Sample Size (4 tabs, valued at $3.00)
Nivea Q10 CC Cream-RRP $15.99 (50ml) Sample Size (1.5ml, valued at $0.47)

Total Value-$38.32

As you can see the Red Paw Paw box is worth well over the $5 i paid.  It has a range of products to try, some old favourites plus some new brands to try.  As a family we can use everything in this box, my husband is a gum chewer and is willing to try anything, my kids want the crackers, mentos and pancakes (although they will be hard pressed to get the crackers, i want them!), we have a dishwasher and use the disinfecting wipes in the bathroom already, and the jam sounds very intriguing.  I'm definitely interested to see what June brings, and hopefully the boxes continue to have the value and range that this one does.

To sign up visit RedPawPaw

(all prices bar the nivea come from the woolworths online shopping site, nivea from chemist warehouse online.  Box was paid for by me)

Have you signed up?  What are your opinions?


  1. Do it! the way we saw it (i discussed it with hubby before i signed up) was that it was only $5 and it could be cancelled if we didn't think it was worth it. I know they're currently open for June, so you wouldn't get this box, but so far they're definitely worth it

    1. I signed up :)

      Even my boyfriend (who hate me for getting subscription boxes) reckon it's worth it haha

  2. Yay!! My husband was the same, he tolerates my boxes, but was very excited by this one