Thursday, May 29, 2014

Playgro Toy Review-Elephant Shape Sorter

Hi again!

Master T and i are back to review another toy.  This time we're reviewing the Elephant Shape Sorter.

What we liked-

  • He has crunchy, scrunchy ears, which are also made out of satin.  Master T quite often goes to sleep caressing a tag on a pillow, and what kid doesn't love crunchy sounding toys
  • His shapes are brightly coloured and numbered, making it easy to interact with little ones
  • His shapes aren't too hard for little people to put in

What we didn't like-
  • the shapes are slightly hard to get back out of Mr Elephant.  I can only just get them back out, yet the plastic holding them in is too tough for Master T to get his hand through.  
  • The triangle is an Isosceles triangle, so it has to go in a particular way to fit.  An equilateral triangle would be better.
Master T really loves this toy.  It's great for his fine motor skills, plus it's different to any other shape sorter we own (we have my old tupperware shape sorter, and a box shaped one from my older 2).  He's nice and bright, looks very friendly, and is a great way to interact with your little one.

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