Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Playgro Toy Review-Click Bitz

Master T and I have been having a good play around with our Playgro toys, and i think we're finally ready to start writing our reviews.  Master T has been enjoying have new toys to play with, and it's great to see what's been a hit and what's a miss.

Today we're reviewing the Click Bitz.

What we like-

  • They're bright and colourful
  • They're textured, and different shapes

What we didn't like-

  • They're boring!!  they don't do anything, you can't make anything out of them (the 12 aren't enough to even make a circle)
  • They're hard to get together/they're too easy to put together.  Some i struggle to push together, and some fall apart the moment you put them together.

Master T loves throwing these around, otherwise he tends to leave them alone.  He can't get them together, which completely stuffs up the idea of any hand-eye coordination development the toy may have had.  If there were a few more included you would at least be able to make a circle with them, but in the current state you can make a snake shape and that's it.  And when that snake is picked up it falls apart.

This hasn't been a hit in the house (except for the said throwing), however that might just be us (Master T is on the go constantly, so sitting still with something like this doesn't overly appeal to him).  With the addition of a few more beads and making the size of the beads more universal (by that i mean where you put them together, make it so a baby/toddler can get them all together themselves) it might make it more appealling.

As you can see, on the go.  Constantly.

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