Friday, May 30, 2014

Playgro Toy Review-My First House Blocks

Afternoon all!

Master T and i are back with our third toy review, My First House Blocks.

What we like-

  • They're nice and soft, perfect for when everything gets thrown.
  • They have a good range of pictures (there are cartoon people and pets, real pictures of animals, numbers and a set of black/white images-perfect for little bubbas)
  • they're easy to build with
  • They squish easily, then pop back up, and hold up to being chewed.

What we didn't like-

  •  We need more!  so ad-ons, bigger packs, etc.  These are great for little people

We seriously thought these blocks were great.  We have a household full of blocks (big megablocks, small mega blocks, duplo, lego etc), but these were perfect for little people who still shove everything in their mouths and have a tendency to throw things.  These have been aimed at our TV with no damage done, and chewed without fear of them being swallowed, plus they're easy for little hands to stack.  They're nice and bright, with different faces to look at, and animals to talk about, making them great for playtime with mum or dad.

One review to go!  Check out my original Toy Tester post, and pop over to the other blogs reviewing toys, we all have different ones to review!

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