Monday, May 12, 2014

Nudus Lipstick Review

I am so excited to be writing this review!!  I was lucky enough a couple of weeks ago to win a Nudus lipstick from the Australian Organic facebook page, and it turned up today.

Now, Nudus is a new brand on the Aussie market, they sell organic lipstick (for those interested. their website is here ).  They have 10 shades (all of which look amazing) and are Aussie made and developed!!  They are very focused on each and every woman being who she is, and that her lipstick should help her along the way and be part of who she is.  The formulation uses Ayurveda colour extracts and is completely handmade in small batches, plus they are certified organic!  Not tested on animals, gluten free etc, etc, the more i read the more excited i get, Nudus really uses some amazing ideas.

Anyway, my little parcel turned up today! 

Included was a lovely congratulatory note from Diana, the founder of Nudus!  I loved that it was included, it's just a lovely touch and rings true to the company's ideals.

Ingredients list

The packaging is white with black writing, and a silver top to the box (with the words 'it's who i am' written on the tab of the lid, it shows as you open the box).  It's simple but yet feels luxurious.

The lipstick itself come is a glossy white square tube, with the company name on one side of the lid and the colour written on a sticker at the base.  Opened up the company's logo is in black on a silver lube (which then twists to reveal the lipstick).  It fits beautifully into your hand, and is easy to use, and feels great (i know some plastic containers can feel flimsy, but this feels nice and strong, like it will hold up to some abuse).

I chose the colour 'Precious', a gorgeous bright pink.  The lipstick itself is quite sheer, although you can build the colour up nicely.  It feels amazing on (honestly it feels like i have lipbalm on) and smells like lipstick (a very nutty lipstick, but that traditional lipstick scent nonetheless), although the scent isn't over powering and has worn off the longer i've had it on.  Very easy to apply and goes on smoothly.

Nudus Lipsticks retail for $42, and are available on the Nudus website (which is linked at the start of this post)

*Thank you Australian Organic and Nudus for providing the lipstick :)


  1. Love the review, how long did it stay on for before you had to reapply?

  2. i've had it on now for 4 hours, and it's still going strong and they aren't dry at all. I haven't had anything to eat or drink, though