Monday, June 2, 2014

Playgro Toy Review-Bathtime Squirtees

Morning all!!

Master T and i are here to bring you our 4th toy review for Playgro.  Now you'll have to excuse the lack of action shots, these are currently living in our shower (Master T creates tsunamis if put in the bath, so showering is the easier option.  It's also safer for the little monkey), and whilst i think his bare backside is adorable, it's not something i want to publicly display.

Today we're bringing you the Bathtime Squirtees!!

What we like-

  • They're are the perfect size for little hands
  • They're easy to squeeze

What we don't like-

  • Nothing!  

 We love these!  They are the perfect size for little people, not so small that they can be swallowed (cause trust me, they spend a lot of time in little peoples mouths), but not so big that they're a struggle to play with.  They're also nice and soft, so they aren't hard for little hands to squeeze (so many squeezy toys are stiff and hard to press down, these aren't).  The Bathtime Squirtees are perfect for bathtime fun!

This brings us to the end of our 4 reviews, i do hope you've enjoyed them.  Remember to check out the other mummies involved (blogs are linked in my original toy tester post).

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