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Beauty Brand Spotlight-Essence Cosmetics Part 1

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I originally started this blog as a budget friendly beauty place, nothing overly high end, and discussing those brands that you always see but are too scared to try due to how cheap they are.  I've strayed from that, so i thought i'd focus on one such brand (warning, this is going to be a long and picture heavy post).

Essence cosmetics is a European brand which has a limited distribution here in Australia.  It's available at selected Targets and Pricelines (i'm yet to encounter one of either that doesn't stock the brand) and some smaller pharmacies/salons (if you're here in Canberra Bounce Pharmacy near the upper foodcourt in the Canberra Centre stock Essence).  They have a small regular range (RR) here (the stands overseas are huge compared to here), but they bring out Limited Editions (LE) during the year that supplement it (once LE are gone, though, they're gone).  Most items on the Essence stand retail for under $5 (and other than the Gel Nails At Home kits, i don't think i've seen anything over $10), which makes Essence a great brand for those who want the latest trends at low prices.

I've been buying Essence now for a few years, so i thought i'd show off my makeup stash so you can see for yourself the kind of brand Essence is (my Essence nail polish collection is a post all of it's own).


BB cream (RR) shade 02
- This is the closest i've found here to the Korean BB creams.  It covers everything, leaving you with a flawless finish.  3 shades available, mine's 02 Natural (there is now a CC cream available as well)
Stay All Day Concealer (RR) shade 20 soft beige - for a cheap concealer this is lovely.  It doesn't do heaps for things like dark under eyes, but for general concealer it's great.
BB cream 02, concealer 20

Breaking Dawn Blush (LE) 01 Renesmee Red - I love this blush, but it is quite full on.  Very pigmented, and a little goes a long way.  It's my go-to winter blush.
Breaking Dawn Shimmer Powder (LE) 01 Bella's Secret - I use this as a face highlighter.  Again, pigmented and you only need a small amount (unless you want to look like one of the Cullens).  Both this and the blush are lovely and soft, and blend beautifully.
Beauty Beats Blush (LE) 01 Groupie at Heart - Another highly pigmented blush.  As with the above blush a little goes a long way, it's beautifully soft and is easy to use.  Both blushes need to be blended well to work, but do so easily.
01 Renesmee Red, 01 Bella's Secret, 01 Groupie at Heart

Me and My Ice Cream Shimmer Pearls (LE) 01 I-CY U - These are like the Guerlain Pearls, multicoloured shimmery balls you swirl a big brush around and use.  They leave a lovely light highlighting shimmer, and smell divine (they are the only scented face product i have from Essence, everything else is unscented).
Cherry Blossom Girl Shimmering Body Powder (LE) 01 Hello Glitty - Ok, not a facial product.  This is a light peachy-gold shimmer powder, with a puff to apply it.  In comparison to everything else this comes in cardboard packaging, in keeping with the LE theme.
Tribal Summer Liquid Blush (LE) 01 Waka Waka - This is an odd product.  It appears very bright when first out of the tube, then smooths out to a sheer pink flush.  Like the other blushes, a little goes a long way.

01 I-CY U, 01 Hello Glitty, 01 Waka Waka


50's Girls Reloaded Eyeshadow (LE) 02 You're a Heartbreaker and 03 Come on Board Captain! - These are buttery soft, although i find the navy in 03 not quite as soft as the other 3 shades.  All shimmery shades, plus the packaging is to die for (the entire LE was beautifully packaged).
Metal Glam Eyeshadow (RR) 06 Miss Tangerine - I did a review of this when i first picked it up.  It's great if you want a sparkly hit, but hasn't got the best colour payoff.
Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow (RR) 05 Camp Rock - This is a mousse style eyeshadow.  Goes on smoothly, lasts for ages, and has a great colour payoff.

Top-06 Miss Tangerine, Middle-05 Camp Rock, Bottom-03 Come on board Captainx2/02 You're a Heartbreakerx2

Gel Eyeliner (RR) 02 London Baby and 05 Miami's Ink/Sun Club Gel Eyeliner (LE) 03 BBC All Night Blue - All the same, but one came out as a part of a LE.  These are amazing, the last forever and are so easy to use.  Seriously, if i wear these and am naughty enough to go to bed with removing them, my eyeliner is still in place next morning.
02 London Baby, 03 BBC All Night Blue, 05 Miami's Ink

Breaking Dawn Pigments (LE) 01 Jacob's Protection, 02 Alice Had a Vision-Again, 03 A Piece Of Forever, 04 Edwards Love - I know overseas Essence have a great range of pigments and products to use with them, sadly here we miss out.  These are lovely, but slightly hard to use.  They need a base to stick to, otherwise they end up everywhere.  Still, with patience, these are amazing.  01 is a Black shimmer, 02 is a dark purple shimmer, 03 is a gold shimmer with gold glitter and 04 is a dark grey shimmer with multicoloured glitter
03 A Piece Of Forever, 04 Edwards Love, 02 Alice Had A Vision-Again, 01 Jacob's Protection

Cherry Blossom Girl Highlighter (LE) 01 Konnichiwa Girls! - This is a pink based highlighter, in a pen with a brush applicator.  Easy to use in the inner corners of your eyes and other smaller areas.
Breaking Dawn Glitter Eyeliner (LE) 02 Jacob's Protection - Fine blue glitter eyeliner.  This isn't over the top, which most glitter eyeliners are, and doesn't irritate your eyes.

Metallic Eye Pencil (RR) 02 White Divine and 03 Iron Goddess - Gorgeous, soft eye pencils.  These go on smoothly, have a great colour payoff and are eays to use.
50's Girls Reloaded Eye Pencil (LE) 03 Love Me Tender - This is the same as the RR ones.  Smooth, highly pigmented and easy to use.
02 White Divine, 03 Iron Goddess, 03 Love Me Tender, 02 Jacob's Protection, 01 Konnichiwa Girls!


Beauty Beats Lipgloss (LE) 01 Groupie at Heart - As you can probably see, Essence tend to carry the same name through a LE for the same colours.  Makes it easy to find a matching set.  This is a lovely, highly pigmented gloss.  Smells of blackberries, and is non sticky
Breaking Dawn Lipgloss (LE) 01 Alice Had a Vision-Again and 02 Renesmee Red - These smell the same as the Beauty Beats one, and are also non sticky.  These however are a sheer gloss, a simple flush of colour.  These don't dry your lips out at all.
01 Groupie at Heart, 01 Alice Had a Vision-Again, 02 Renesmee Red

XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss (RR) 05 Velvet Rose and XXXL Shine Lipgloss (RR) 13 Rock On -  Longlasting Lipgloss is one of the newer products on Essence stands here. It's a matte lipgloss, is non drying, lasts ages and smells like toffee.  Shine Lipgloss has been around a bit longer, again is non drying, has a decent colour payoff, and smells like blackberries.  Both are great lipglosses, and the Shine version was one of my first introductions to Essence.
13 Rock on, 05 Velvet Rose

Cherry Blossom Girl Lipstick Pencil (LE) 01 Cherry Cherry Girl - A great lip crayon style lipstick.  Lasts for a decent amount of time, great colour payoff and easy to use.  I wish Essence would come out with more of these, i love a good lip crayon.
50's Girls Reloaded Lipstick (LE) 01 Back To The 50's - This lipstick started my love affair with red lips, it is just the most perfect red.  This is smooth, highly pigmented, leaves a stain on you lips so you don't have to constantly reapply, and has no discernible scent.  And i love the packaging.
Home Sweet Home Lip Maximizer (LE) 01 Mugs and Kisses - A lip plumper.  This is non sticky, doesn't sting your lips, and has a sweet lolly scent.
Glossy Lipbalm (RR) Cherry Brownie - This is a great tinted lipbalm.  Perfect for on the go, and does a great job moisturising your lips.
01 Cherry Cherry Girl, 01 Back To The 50's, 01 Mugs and Kisses, Cherry Brownie

Last, but not least

Essence Brushes-  These are great for a budget brush.  Stiffer then ELF brushes, but do a great job, and are only a couple of dollars each.

That is my Essence Makeup collection.  As you can see the majority of it is LE items, the one thing i hate about Essence is the fact that once a LE is gone, it doesn't come back, so if you love something you either stock up or run the risk of it running out.  Essence also have a habit of discontinuing items, so that something you loved is no longer available on shelves.  However because of the price you can afford to buy extras if there does happen to be a product you can't live without (plus it often turns up in the clearance section, and you can pick up pieces at rock bottom prices).

The packaging is consistant across the range, nice sturdy plastic that doesn't break easily.  The only thing i haven't tried is mascara, but from what i've read it isn't the best (happy to be corrected if someone thinks differently).  Otherwise Essence is a great budget range, with products to suit everyone, and they keep up with all the latest trends.

Have you tried Essence?  What do you think?

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