Thursday, June 19, 2014

Planet Eve Luxe Hand Creme review

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I was lucky enough to win another of Australian Organics Sunday Samples, and received my prize from Planet Eve yesterday.  Planet Eve is an Aussie company that use at least 95% organic ingredients in their products, with no nasties and are vegan/not tested on animals.  All the products are also suitable for sensitive skin.

I received a tube of their Luxe Hand Creme (that was the prize), and included in the box was a congratulatory letter, a product list and a sample of their Tropical Fruit Enzyme Facial Exfoliator.  The letter explains a bit about the Hand Creme, and about the company.  It was all packaged up beautifully, and was received quickly (Aust. Organic run the competition, then pass on the winners details to the company.  I had an email from Aust. Organic to let me know that it was on its way 12/6, and it was received 18/6).

The hand creme itself is packaged in a beautiful eggplant coloured box, which appears to be the companies colour.  The hand creme is in a creamy white tube, with eggplant coloured writing.  It's a 50ml tube, and retails for $29.

The tube has a pump top, which i love!  It makes it so much easier to get exactly the right amount, and what they recommend (1-2 pumps) delivers just enough product to moisturise my hands.  The hand creme contains Acai berry, Lingonberry, Rosehip, Shea butter and Bulgarian rose (along with other ingredients) and is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

one pump of the hand creme

What can i say, i love this hand creme!  Something i don't mention often, but i have 1 hand covered in eczema, and finding products that fully moisturise that hand is hard (most products will moisturise the first layer of skin, but leave lower layers dry).  I've used this twice over yesterday and today, and my hand is lovely and moisturised, and hasn't been irritated at all.  2 pumps is enough to do both hands, and it absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film.  It is a lightweight creme and  and is small enough to carry around in your handbag.  It smells divine, a musky rose (almost like musk lifesavers), but isn't overpowering with it's scent.

Thank you to both Australian Organic and Planet Eve for the lovely hand creme!!

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