Friday, June 27, 2014

Mary Kay Lip Lacquer Review

Morning all!

The sun is just rising here, Master T had me up quite early.  But what better time to blog, before the rush of the day really hits.

Today i thought i'd review the Mary Kay Lip Lacquers that came in the May LHI box.  These were our choice item for the month, in either Pagoda Rose or Chai Latte, and i ended up with both due to a stuff up (was sent the wrong colour, and was then sent the right one).

The Lip Lacquers are packaged in a sturdy plastic jar (not my favourite lip product packaging in the world) and come with a retractable lip brush.  It feels nice in hand, though, not cheap and nasty, and the lids are easy to remove/replace.

The lip brush is ok, a bit tricky to work out how to keep the brush up at first (you need to use the lid to hold the brush up), but works well with the product and is the perfect size for using the lip lacquer on the go.  Without the inclusion of this i don't think this would be a viable product, you need a way to apply it, and this makes it possible (i know we probably all have a lip brush at home, but the size of this makes this product workable).

The pots contain 4g of product.  There is really no scent to them (i think i can faintly smell mint, but otherwise nothing).  The lip lacquer isn't sticky, it applies smoothly and Pink Pagoda leaves a faint stain as it wears off.  There isn't a huge colour payoff from these, it goes on quite sheer, perfect for days when a bright lip just won't do, or over a matching liquid lipstick/stain/colour to bring them back to life (the lip lacquers remind me of tinted lipbalms i had before i was allowed any real makeup, right down to the packaging).  They don't hold up to much, but i don't expect anything more from this type of product.

Chai Latte and Pink Pagoda
All in all these are a lovely product, not quite a gloss but not quite lipstick.  They retail for $22 and are available from Mary Kay

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