Sunday, June 22, 2014

Strange Beautiful Nail Polish Review

Morning all!

Strange Beautiful is the nail polish received in the June VB, and the name sums it up.  Strange Beautiful is an American brand, and the concept behind the colours are things the creator has seen.  It started with a bright red typewriter, and there is a nail polish based on it.  Therefore there are no colour names, just a description on what they're based on.  They come in volumes, there are 3 volumes containing 8 colours each.  We received a little cube type version, with 2 colours (i'd almost say miniatures), a dusty rose colour and an orange red (i think the same type of cube is in the current ipsy bag).

Anyway, i tried it on the day i received my VB, 2 coats worth (no top or base coat).  The red applied beautiful, it went on smoothly and you could apply a thin, even coat easily.  The pink on the other hand is horrible.  It's gluggy, it dries so quickly you can't fix up any small mistakes (or blend 2 strokes in together), and because of this it is extremely hard to do a thin coat.  Colour payoff for both is great, you can get away with 1 coat of each, but a second means a completely opaque manicure.  Both dried quickly, and i didn't get a single smudge, plus they don't smell too bad and it doesn't linger.

1 coat

2 coats

Wear wise, the red after almost 3 days of wear only has minor chips, but the pink is almost completely off.  I feel the red with a proper base/top coat would look good for close to a week, however due to how thick you need to paint the pink it will never be a long lasting nail polish.

After 1 day of wear

After 3 days of wear

I love the red, i can see myself wearing it regularly, but i dont think much of the pink.  I'd be interested in trying more colours if they were the same formula as the red.

Have you tried Strange Beautiful?  What did you think?

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