Thursday, June 19, 2014

Violet Box June 2014

Can you believe that Violet Box has been on the market here for a year?  Happy Birthday VB!!!

This is my 10th VB, and because of their birthday VB subscribers got a present, a gorgeous cosmetics bag!

As you can see, no box!!

GHD Straight and Tame Cream-RRP $24-full size

This was our sneak peek from last month.  This is a heat protectant spray, plus is supposed to help keep your hair sleek for longer.  I do straighten my hair, so i'm interested to give this a go.

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner-RRP $30.95-sample size

Meh, more Bioderma.  It sounds interesting, i hate my pore size, but stop flogging a dead horse!

Chella Brow Pencil-RRP $21.50-full size

This is a mechanical brow pencil, that is supposed to work for blonde through to dark brown hair (i can't see how, you'll see why in swatches).  It goes on smoothly, but rubs off easily.  I'm happy to see more from Chella.

Strange Beautiful  Nail Polish-RRP $22-full size?

OK, so i can't find this exact size of this brand online, so i think it's full size.  Don't ask me colour names, there aren't any (this brand is odd).  However it goes on lovely, dries quickly, doesn't stink, and i love the red (the lighter colour is something my mum would wear).  I have it on, so will write up a review as i see how it wears, and let you know a bit more about the company.

Appelles Shampoo and Conditioner-RRP $18.95 (150ml)-sample size

Appelles seem to be turning up everywhere at the moment, however these are different products.  Blackseed Shampoo and Tamanu Conditioner.  Blackseed is reported to strengthen hair and remove toxins from the scalp, Tamanu restores moisture and protects from split ends and breakage.  I love the smell of these, however if you don't like incense or the smell that comes out of new age stores, these aren't for you.  they smell strongly of ylang ylang and patchouli, so they aren't going to suit everyone, however i'm looking forward to trying them.

Caddy's Cosmetic Pouch-RRP $26

This was a very special present for subscribers.  It's a lovely little pouch, with 2 sections and easy to wipe down materials. 

As you can see the interior is bright red, and has little sections for everything (even brushes/pencils)

Yay for VB!!  There are 3? new brands for VB in the June box, and whilst some of the items i'm not overly excited about, that's more about box burnout instead of it being a crap box.

Strange Beautiful on nail

Have you got your box yet?  What did you think?

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