Thursday, June 19, 2014

FAB box June 2014

So, the box that caused all the issues last month rocked up.  Actually, the appearance of the box is strange, it has a handwritten address, which from all my other experience with LHI isn't normal.  However it is here, and i'll let you in on all the contents.

Sneak peek for the month was 3 Teeez products, and there is indeed 3!  An it looks like Teeez is coming to the LHI store.

Teeez Paradise Perfect Lipgloss-RRP $25-full size

I got the colour Sheer Gold.  This smells lovely (peach and mango), and is a volumising lipgloss.  The gold is very sheer, and barely shows up, so makes the perfect topper for lip stains.  As always the packaging is beautiful, and matches the other Teeez products i have here

Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner-RRP $28-full size

In the colour Black Onyx.  I can see this product in the FAB box being problematic, one of the choices for the womens box was a Teeez eyeliner, so people are going to end up with a double up.  That being said this is a gorgeous eyeliner, a solid black with fine blue shimmer.  It looks black on, until you turn it the right way :)  Nice and smooth to apply, and won't budge once dry, plus it's an automatic pencil, so no sharpener needed.

Teeez Fabulous Foundation Brush-RRP $35-full size

This brush is lovely.  The handle is patterned the same as the Teeez packaging, with rose gold coloured metal, and is lovely and soft.  It is made out of goat hair, so isn't suited to vegans.  I always like getting brushes in boxes, they always come in handy.

LHI Crystal Bracelet (RRP $29.95) and Earrings (RRP $19.95)

Meh!  The bracelet is pretty, but the earrings look cheap and will be passed on

Lethal Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo-RRP $8-full size

I can't tell you a thing about these, my packet was empty.  Am getting in touch with LHI to chase it up.

Look, this box was bought by most people for the Teeez, and it was well worth buying for those products.  The others are neither here nor there.

Eyeliner and lipgloss swatches

Did you buy a June FAB box?

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