Monday, June 30, 2014

Red Paw Paw June 2014

Look what rocked up on my doorstep in the nick of time!

Red Paw Paw is a new box on the Aussie market (this is box #2).  For $5 a month (if you do a survey, $10 just for the box) you get a box of grocery items.  They include a lot of Aussie products (this month they were the adriano zumbo, gravox, white wings, goulburn valley, SPC and uncle toby's).  I did a big write up on the ins and outs for last months box, but lets just say this month didn't disappoint.

White Wings Cafe Creations Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes-RRP $5.36-full size
Adriano Zumbo Choc Raspberry Macarons-RRP $8.76-full size
Ovaltine Cold Crunch-RRP $5.15-full size
Azera Coffee-RRP $10.74-full size

(i just realised i included the azera in 2 photos, there was only 1 tin in the box)
Uncle Toby's Quick Oats Sachets-RRP $5.38 (4 sachets $1.79)-sample size
Gravox Finishing Sauce-RRP $3.80-full size

Goulburn Valley Peaches in Coconut Water-RRP $2.14-full size
SPC Numb3r-ghetti-RRP $4.29 (1 tin $1.07)-sample size
Uncle Toby's Crunchy Triangles (Master T had these as soon as the box opened)-RRP $4.30 (1 packet $0.43)-sample size


For $5 investment these boxes are amazing value, and there is nothing in the box that our family won't use.  Definitely great value, although shipping times are a bit off this month.

Did you manage to get a June RPP?  What did you think?

*RRP from Woolworths online shopping bar Gravox from Coles online.  Box paid for by me.

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  1. What a great box and such great value! Those macaroons look so delicious!