Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lip Paints-Ulta3, Australis and OCC

Morning all!!

Hubby's at work, the big 2 are at school, and Master T is involved in something on TV, so i thought i'd sit down and write one of the reviews i've been meaning to do.

Lip paints/liquid lipsticks are something that are being released regularly by different brands atm.  They bring you full on colour, with only the slightest amount needed, and are a great transition from gloss to lipstick.  I'm finding myself reaching for these type of products all the time (along with lip crayons/balm sticks), and because i love a bright lip they are just so easy to use.

I think everyone by now knows about OCC Lip Tars.  Available in almost every colour under the sun (literally, i was trying to find out how many shades there were before i wrote this, and i gave up), and now available in matte, they have to be one of the original lip paints.  Here in Australia you are going to be paying around $18 for 1, but they are well worth it for the amount of product you get (8ml), plus you only need the tiniest amount to cover your lips (any more and it bleeds).  It leaves a lovely stain (i actually use this as a stain more than a lipstick, just layer with a lipgloss), and wears well.  OCC products are vegan and cruelty free, and smell of peppermint!

Next up is a Aussie brand.  Australis have their own lip paint, the Pout Paste.  Pout Paste retails for $12.95, and comes in 3 colours.  They smell, oddly enough, of mango.  These are highly pigmented, although not as much as the Lip Tars.  I prefer the packaging of these, they have a doe foot applicator, making it so much easier to use on the run.  I have found that the Pout Pastes do bleed/feather/smear if used as a normal gloss, they really need to be used sparingly, and then the colour payoff isn't wonderful.  Still, it is a lovely product, and it's always nice to support an Aussie company.

Finally there is the new Ulta3 Lip Paint.  Ulta3 is a bit hard to find any info on, it's the Heat Group's own brand (heat group is made up of Ulta3, Billie Goat Soap, Covergirl, Max Factor, Bourjois and Essence), but they tend to bring out all the big trends at great prices.  I love this Lip Paint, out of the 3 here it is my favourite.  Retailing at $5.95 (no, not a typo.  Ulta3 is a budget brand, with nail polishes going for $2 and lipsticks for $2.95), these are the cheapest lip paints on the market.  Colour payoff is amazing, it wears evenly, no bleeding, it doesn't dry my lips and it leaves a lovely stain when the gloss has worn off.  The only problem i have it they're hard to find.  Ulta3 is available in various pharmacies (and i think i've seen the nail polishes at target), and so far i've only found these in a pharmacy on the opposite side of town.  There are 6 shades available, and have a lovely minty smell.

Ulta3 in Expressive Fuchsia, OCC in Strumpet, Australis in Pash Me Pink

I know there are other brands out there, anyone who has been with the beauty boxes in the last 6 months would know about Sweetpea & Fay liquid lipsticks and Klara, but i find them both very different to the lip paints here (SP&F are very dry and lipstick-y). 

Have you tried any of these?  Or is there another brand i should know about?

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