Sunday, June 29, 2014

Beauty Brand Spotlight-Essence Cosmetics Part 2

Morning all!

This is part 2 of my focus on Essence Cosmetics.  This is about the nail polishes and other miscellaneous items.

I've found Essence does great nail polishes.  There are some misses (i've found 1 or 2 that are streaky and don't last for long), but normally i know i'll love anything i pick up from the brand.  They have a range of effects and they try to keep up with the latest trends.  Limited Editions (LE) can get repetitive at times (same colours) but the regular range (RR) have a great range of colours and styles.  Any way, i'll let you make up your own mind.

Essence Gel Nails At Home Kit - I won't go in to too much detail, as i've already reviewed it.  However it's quick, easy, and you can use any Essence nail polish with it. 

Snow White (LE) 08 Grumpy - Lilac with silver glitter
                             07 Bashfull - Forest green with gold micro glitter
                             06 Sleepy - Pale bluey-green with a purpley shimmer
                             02 Grumpy -Royal Blue
                             04 Happy - Bright Yellow
                             03 Prince Charming - Large blue and small iridescent glitter topper

Me and My Ice Cream (LE) 02 Always in my Mint - Mint shimmer
Home Sweet Home (LE) 01 Caramel Cheese Cake -Tangerine
50's Girls Reloaded (LE) 04 Love Me Tender -Silvery-white metallic
                                          05 You're a Heartbreaker - blue-grey with silver shimmer
You Rock! (LE) 02 Love, Peace and Purple - maroony-purple with purple shimmer
Blossoms Etc.... (LE) 04 Bloom-a-loom - light purple with purple shimmer

Vampire's Love (LE) 01 Old Gold Buffy - Black with gold glitter
                                   04 The Dawn Is Broken - grey with silver glitter
Breaking Dawn (LE) 04 Edward's Love - Black with silver glitter                      
Beauty Beats (LE) 01 Baby, Baby, Ooh! - Purple with purple shimmer
                                02 I'm Backstage - Aqua with aqua shimmer
                                03 As Long as You Love Me - Grey with silver shimmer
Season Of Extremes (LE) 05 Nude or What? - Purple-grey
                                            07 Nude Rules! - Brown
Rebels (LE) 01 Punk Royal - grey 'topper' with black hexies

Colour & Go (RR) 156 Me & My Lover - Red base with red and gold glitter sand effect
                                165 Here's My Number - Black base with silver and iridescent glitter sand effect
Show Your Feet (LE) 23 Underwater Love - Bright Blue
                                   25 Kiss Of The Mermaid - Watermelon
Ballerina Backstage (LE) 03 On Your Gracile Tiptoe - Melon
Season Of Extremes (LE) 02 Brightsmates - watermelon/orange glitter (made to be layered together)

Gel-look Topcoat (RR) - My favourite topcoat. 
Colour & Go (RR) 43 Where is The Party? - Iridescent Purple/green
                              106 Free Hugs - Baby pink
Effect Nail Polish (RR) 03 Glitz & Glam - Glitter topper-large and small pink hexies, fine iridescent glitter
Sun Club (LE) 05 BBC Golden Sands - Bronze metallic
French Glam (RR) 03 Pink Glam - French pink with silver glitter

Marble Mania (LE) Nail Art Kit - 2 cuticle sticks, 2 sponges and a fine brush, with instructions how to use the brush, do a sponge look and marbling.

Colours straight on

Colours to the side so you can see some of the glitters

As you can see, Essence do a huge range of coloura and styles, and you can find something to suit almost everyone.

Essence also bring out a few different things in Australia, like....

Perfume!  This came out with the Circus Circus LE, and is called (surprisingly) Circus Circus.  It's in a gorgeous bottle, with a beautiful maroon spray thingy (yep, very technical here), and is a very sweet, fruity perfume.  It was sold for $9.90 here, and for the price it is a great perfume (overseas there are more perfumes). 

There have also been handcreams here, which smelt beautiful and were non greasy.

So there you go, Essence as a whole.  A great budget brand, with something for everyone.


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