Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick


I picked up a Bourjois Lipstick the other day, a Sweet Kiss one.  It's the first time i've ever tried a Bourjois lipstick, and i'm really liking it.  Bourjois is one of those brands i love looking at, but i never end up buying.  This may change that.

Isn't the packaging lovely?  That silver button on the side slides down to release the lipstick, and it all feels lovely in hand.

This is Sweet Kiss in Rose Paré, and the more i read about it the more i like it (i bought this from a clearance bin on a whim for $2, so i'm learning as i write this post).  The Sweet Kiss formula has Argan Oil in it, and plenty of other things to help keep your lips nice and hydrated.  It's available in 11 colours, and by the sounds of it is an older product (it retailed for $23 originally), although Bourjois are always bringing out lovely new products.
It's quite a sheer lipstick, and has a lot of sparkle to it.  Wear time isn't great, but it is a wonderfully hydrating lipstick, perfect for daily use.

I'm loving this lipstick, and now want to check out Bourjois for more hidden gems. 

What's your favourite hidden gem?  What product or brand must i check out?

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