Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Essence Trend Edition 'Be Loud'

New Trend Edition time!  Essence have released a new trend edition at Target, the Be Loud collection.  Made up of 2 blushes, 4 nail polishes, a topper, 2 lip crayons, a jumbo eye pencil, 3 eyeshadow sets, a makeup bag and a nail art set.  This TE has some new products in it, namely the lip crayons.  If you read my blog, you would know that a) we get limited Essence ranges compared to europe, and b) if you see something you are interested in and it's part of a TE, Grab It!!  Once these products are gone, they're gone.

In my travels last week i came across an Essence stand that had a fully stocked range of these, and i grabbed both crayons.
01 Pink Me and 02 Ap-ri(c)ot.  These are a sheer, glossy crayon, much like the Models Prefer crayons.  They leave a lovely wash of colour that is very moisturising, and has that typical blackberry scent that Essence lipglosses have.  The colour isn't that long lasting, but they feel light on and are easy to carry for re-application.

Essence don't have a lip crayon in their normal range (unfortunately) so if you're like me and love crayons, grab these whilst you can.  They retail for $4.25 each (by memory, they were definitely in the $4 range), and are available while stocks last.

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