Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Essence 'Bloom Me Up' Trend Edition, plus change is in the air


Essence have released another new Trend Edition at Priceline, Bloom Me Up.  The collection consists of 2 blush sticks, 4 nail polishes, 2 lipsticks, 3 eyeshadows, a duo eyepencil, a shimmer powder, nail stickers and a headband (the brushes weren't released to Australian market).  It is a collection that is perfect for spring, with soft pastels and shimmery, ethereal makeup.
I have picked up 3 pieces of the collection, the shimmer powder, a blush stick and the duo eye pencil.
Shimmer Powder in 01 Rose It Up-I didn't want to swatch this, the pattern is just so pretty!  This is a soft pink shimmer powder, that just gives you a lovely soft illumination.
Blush Stick in 01 Chasing Lucy-This reminds me of the Dark Romance velvet mousse blush.  It's a pretty watermelon pink blush, that blends out for a nice soft flush of colour.
Duo Eyepencil in 01 Bloomylicious-1 end is an inner rim pencil, the other is an eyebrow lifter.  The inner rim colour is a nude-beige, the eyebrow a pale pink.  I love my Chella pencil, so i'm hoping this is much the same.  The pencil is lovely and soft, and blends effortlessly.
Inner rim, eyebrow lifter, blush stick, shimmer powder
This is a great collection for those who love a pretty, feminine look.  Parts of it are flying off the shelves (especially the shimmer powder), so if you are interested i'd advise you to have a look around for the items you are interested in.

Still on an Essence note, they are changing out their normal range again.
A lot of the nail polishes and nail items (ie quick dry drops) are going, a few nail polishes, eye shadows etc.  Even the gel nails at home stuff was marked at my local Priceline, although i have been assured by Essence that it is all here to stay.  Some items have been reformulated and repackaged, but until they appear on shelves we won't know what they'll be.

 I did grab a lipstick from my local (woden) on Friday, 10 Cotton Candy.  It was 1 of 3 marked as clearance (although the store i went to yesterday didn't have the normal boards in their display, so i'm wondering if they've been pulled by Essence, they were what had the gel nails stuff clearanced).

I also managed to find another Dark Romance Velvet Mousse Blush, if anyone is interested the Queanbeyan store had both colours of the blush plus other items from the collection in their clearance bins (i'm tucking mine away, i love this and i'm so happy to have a second tucked away).

It's going to be and interesting few months with Essence, and i can't wait to see what the new products are.


  1. That pattern on the shimmer powder is beautiful. I would worry about messing it up to a swatch too.
    I haven't tried this band before, but you are making me want to give them a try

  2. Do it!! Just steer clear of the mascaras (i think i have read 1 blog post that was positive, most are negative), and if you have cool toned skin you might struggle with foundations (my mum is a warm toned person, and has no issue, but i struggle). But it is awesome! And cheap, for the shimmer powder, eye pencil, the velvet mousse blush and a clearance bourjois lipstick (which i paid $2 for) i paid just over $15. Most items are under $5, and everything (bar the LED lamp) is under $10