Thursday, September 11, 2014

Madame Flavour

I'm going to stray from my normal talk today, and have a chat about  Madame Flavour.

Madame Flavour is an Aussie tea maker/blender, who uses only top ingredients.  Her blends are amazing, and she has everything from a classic tea blend, to some beautiful herbals.  And it's a brand that we as Aussies need to support, some of her teas are being pulled from shelves and are now only available online or in selected igas.

I was very lucky, and won a pack of 2 of these pulled varieties, the White with Rose and Signature Blend, plus tins for both.  The packaging for these teas is just beautiful, and whilst it has changed over the years (i first discovered Madame Flavour through Vibe Village 5 or 6 years ago, when the first lot of teas was released), it is still something beautiful you can display in your kitchen.
My pack, a 100 pack of each of the teas, and a tin for both, plus samples of the Grey de Luxe (with lemon myrtle and lavender); Sultry Chai; Green, Jasmine and Pear; Raspberry Hibiscus Tisane; Mint Lavender Tisane (one of my personal favourites) and Lemongrass, Lime and Ginger Tisane.  Each pod is a beautiful infuser pod, which allows the tea to move around in the water, and as many organic ingredients are used as possible.  If a tea blend isn't perfect, it isn't allowed on shelves, it's as simple as that.
A lovely letter was included as well
An 18 pack from Woolworths is $6.13, so it isn't the cheapest tea, but it is perfect as a special treat, when you have time to just sit and enjoy.  Plus there is a variety to suit everyone.

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