Monday, September 8, 2014

Lust Have It August 2014

Morning All!!

Well, after my big 'things have to change' speech about LHI, here i am with another box.  I may or may not have signed my husband up for a $4.95 'free' box (just pay postage, interesting concept, the box is supposedly worth $15 and postage is $4.95).  But things don't appear to have changed much, it's now the 8/9, my box was shipped on the 3/9, i signed up 21/8.  It's an August box, it should have been here a while ago.  Even annual subscribers are only just receiving their boxes, which really isn't good enough.

Anyway, August is LHI's Birthday!  Last month marked 3 years of LHI goodness.  Normally i have found LHI's B'day boxes to be a bit on the meh side, they've been on the boring side even though they are normally hyped up to the max.  I'll let you make up your own mind.

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment-RRP $24.95-full size

This was the sneak peek for the month.  This is supposed to help control frizzies, smooth, shine, strengthen, stop split ends, detangle, protect against heat, is safe for coloured hair, protects against chlorine and sun, yada, yada, yada.  Only thing it doesn't do is style your hair for you.  It sounds interesting, and is perfect with summer coming up, plus is smells like coconut!

Sasy n Savy Vitamin Enriched Facial Masque-RRP $55-full size

Well, this was a surprise!  In every other box i have seen there was a Bioelixia Stretch mark cream (rrp $39) which i received as a thank you from Bioelixia for trial their cleansing cream, so seeing this instead was a nice surprise.  Had i not been a previous subscriber i would have been in raptures, however LHI included the same product in the May 2014 box (it was 1 of 3 possibilities in the box), and so i now have the full size and the 20ml sample size.  But it is nice to see some variation in the box, and it is an amazing product to discover (and great to see the full size).

Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Facial Cleansing Wipes-RRP $6.95+$2.50 mini pack-full size

Another full size product, and from a new brand!  These are a double sided wipe, 1 side textured to remove dirt and makeup, the other smooth for general cleansing.  They are reported to remove waterproof makeup  without being greasy or drying, and are paraben and sulphate free.  I love that both the full size and mini pack are included, LHI have had a habit in recent months of including GWP as box items, so i wouldn't have put it past them to include the mini pack only.  Mine are Aloe Vera and Cucumber (cleanse+moisturise), there is also Citrus and Pineapple Enzyme (cleanse+exfoliate) and Green tea and Vitamin C (cleanse+refresh), so you can choose the wipe to suit your needs.

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro-line-RRP $28.95-full size and Bioderma Crealine H20-RRP $29.99-sample size

I was going to get all huffy about the bioderma, as it has been in LHI before, but after having a flick through my LHI monthly cards, it hasn't been in a LHI that i have received since May 2012, so enough time has passed since it's inclusion (although it may have been in other boxes, LHI are fairly good at keeping repeats out of boxes).  I have 2 of this size on the go as it is, so i'm on the fence as to whether i keep it or not.  I don't use it all that regularly.

The Marsk brush is lovely and soft, very dense, and feels nice in hand.  Another decent brush never goes astray.

Finally these.  I don't know why LHI feel the need to include vouchers in their boxes, especially when they have nothing to do with the box itself (so the fuss free naturals one is fine, the others are just a waste of space).

So, that is the LHI 2014 birthday box.  Without including the bioderma and the mini pack it has a value of $115.85, so for my $4.95 investment it is amazing.  4 full sized products, and not just brands i can pick up at my local priceline (actually only 1 of the full sizes is readily available instore).

But lets have a chat about brands.  In this box alone there is only 1 new brand. 1!  2 of the products have moonlighted in LHI before!  In that respect alone it isn't overly innovative.  If this was really my first box i would be amazed, but as a seasoned subscriber it is a bit boring, especially with the extremely late postage times.

I would have loved to have seen a full sized Makeup product, it would have been a great addition and would have made their birthday box just that bit more special.  And it may just be that i've been spoilt by VB, but the fact there was nothing extra was a bit disappointing too.

LHI, whilst the is nowhere near your worst box (i don't think much can top your first birthday box), it could have been so much more!


  1. Yours is the first box that I saw with that Sasy and Savy facial mask.

  2. I know, i opened the bag expecting to see a Bioelixia box, every other box i had seen had had one in it. There are a couple up on the LHI wall now, but still not many. I don't know why LHI do that, i've had a box in the past where i saw 1 other person with the same box?