Thursday, September 25, 2014

Violet Box September 2014

 Afternoon all!

Is it just me, or does it seem that VB shipping is getting later and later?  Any way, my box is here after being shipped on Tuesday, and it's kinda exciting!
First thing you saw when you opened up your packaging is a sneak peek for next month.  It looks like a lip gloss, but the packaging is blurry (Just tell us already VB!!!).
The contents of the box itself.  5 products, all of which are full sized!!
Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo-RRP $16.95-full size

This is a cornstarch formula dry shampoo.  It smells lovely (its smells a bit oriental), and from reviews i've read works great.  VB subscribers either got this or a wave spray.  It's nice to see a dry shampoo that isn't Batiste or Cedel in a box.
Folténe Nail Treatment-RRP $29.95-full size

This is supposed to help dry, brittle nails.  You apply over the entire nail surface and allow to dry (you can also use it over nail polish, but you only apply it to the cuticle area).  My nails are terrible at the moment (i think just due to being unwell), so this is welcome.  Same brand as the eye lash treatment from last month.
Girlactik Eyeshadow-RRP $23-full size

This is in Electra, a pearlised navy blue.  Personally i don't know if i'll ever use it, it's not a colour i reach for, so i may yet pass it straight on to my sister/nieces.  When swatching with a brush there was a lot of fall out, not so much with my finger, but it's something to watch out for.
Starlooks Ultra Olive Gem Pencil-RRP $21.50-full size

We got a gem pencil from Starlooks in a box earlier this year, but in either Amethyst or Topaz.  This is a gorgeous olive green (i love olive green eyeliner, it just suits me).  This is something i cannot find on the Starlooks website, the card is saying it's an Ultra Gem pencil, yet there is no such thing and no such colour as 'Ultra Olive' on the website.  So yeah, i don't quite know what is going on, the only place such a product exists is on the VB site. 
Polished London Nail Enamel-RRP $8-full size

This was the sneak peek we were given for the month, and can i say i really wasn't impressed when i saw it.  Polished London nail polish was included in the very ill fated valentines GlossyBox, and that wasn't the greatest box in the world.  However this is gorgeous, the picture doesn't show it but it's a gorgeous lolly pink.  After trying it i'm even more impressed, it's extremely glossy and i'm hoping long wearing (watch this space people!).  Definitely worth trying out.
Starlooks pencil and Girlactik eyeshadow

Polished London Nail Polish
So this months box is worth around $100, so is amazing value.  3? new brands, 4 new products (i'm not classing the gem pencil as a new pencil) and all full size.  My only gripe is i wish it arrived slightly earlier in the month.

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  1. Couldn't help it, my box is waiting for me at home, but I had to peek. I have no willpower. lo. Love the products, looking forward to opening mine. Thanks