Friday, September 12, 2014

More clearance bins.......


If you have read anything of this blog you will know i can't resist a clearance bin.  It's something about the thrill of finding a bargain, plus discovering products that you didn't know existed. 

Anyway, whilst walking past Priceline the other day (yes i was being a good girl, i wasn't planning on going in, promise), i spotted a $1 Tigi bin!  So i made a beeline for it.  And there were plenty of other brands in there as well (i plan on making a trip back this week to see if there is anything else worth grabbing in there, i was in a hurry).    So i grabbed 5 items, $5 in total!

Lady Jayne Digital Romance head bands and hair bands ($7.99)-these are really pretty, and there were a few other items from the collection in the bin too.  The head bands will be better for Miss A then me, they're a tad small.

Sally Hansen Color Frenzy in Spattered ($9.95)- Gold, pink, black and a dark pink/red, in all different shapes and sizes, different to anything i've seen.
Terrible picture sorry!
2Glo Face Bronze Tint in Dark Bronze ($24.95)-Natural Glamour seem to be selling out of this offshoot brand.  This is a great liquid bronzer, it blends easily and looks natural.
Straight out of the tube and blended out
Tigi Girls Just Want It lipsticks in Fashion and Luxury (These are an old product, so hard to find a price on.  However Amazon have them at $14.99 USD)-This is what i want to go back for.  These are smooth, and creamy (so much so you have to be careful they don't get on your teeth), and have a great colour payoff.  They can bleed if you apply them with a heavy hand, so i recommend using a lip brush with them.  Luxury is a bright Fuschia red, and Fashion is a Purple/berry. 

I'm so happy with what i got for my $5, and i hope when i go back there are more of the lipsticks!

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  1. I love looking through Priceline bargain bins too. Looks like you found yourself some great deals