Monday, September 15, 2014

Revlon Balm Stains

Morning all!

I know i'm late to jump on the review bandwagon for these, but after mentioning these in the Liebster award (and after my hubby insisting i buy a matte balm last week) i thought i'd write a quick review.

The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains were released here late 2012/early 2013.  They are an easy to use, highly pigmented balm 'crayon', which is moisturising and leaves a lovely stain on your lips.  Wear time isn't the best (a couple of hours at most), but the stain stays put for most of the day.

I was first introduced to these by Priceline, i won a Revlon prize pack through them and there was one of these included in the pack.  They honestly have to be one of my favourite products, even though i only own a few.

Then earlier this year Revlon released 2 new formulations, a matte balm and a lacquer balm.  I can't say i'm a huge fan of the lacquers, whilst they have the same moisturising effects they are essentially just glittery versions of the originals (and when i say glittery, i mean glittery.  1 swatch left glitter particles all over my hand), and they don't seem as pigmented.  However the Matte balms are beautiful, just as easy to use as the originals but a great matte formulation.  They moisturise, have a great colour payoff and don't cling to any dry patches you may have.  And they are perfect to chuck in to your handbag for any touch ups you might need.

There are 10 of each variant available, and retail for $17.95 each (although you can normally pick them up at Chemist Warehouse for $8.98 each).  There is a colour to suit everyone, from nudes right through to brights.
This is my small collection.  I have:
Lovesick-a bright fuschia pink
Cherish-a lolly pink with blue undertones (this is the one that started it all)
Elusive-A rose pink (this is my matte shade)
Honey-This is the most talked about shade of all.  It is a nude pink, and has bloggers everywhere raving
Crush-a pink based berry.

If you haven't tried these, give them a go.  They are a great product, and are something that i think every woman needs at least 1 of in their stash
Cherish, Lovesick, Honey, Crush, Elusive

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  1. I have a lacquer balm one which I like. The only problem is that I have a few lip colours that are almost the exact same shade so I don't use it that much. I seem to buy lip colours that are very similar ha ha