Thursday, September 11, 2014

Red Paw Paw September 2014


My Red Paw Paw box is here!!!  I got a shipping notification yesterday, and it was on board with driver this morning! Yay!!

For those that don't know, RPP is a grocery subscription box.  For either $5 or $10 a month ($5 you need to give feedback, $10 you don't), plus postage, you get a box of goodies (which is supposed to be over $30 worth) delivered to your door.

Let's jump straight to the goodies!

Wholeberry Folk Cinnamon Raisin Cookies mix-RRP $7.19 (less sugar, no artifical ingredients and made with spelt flour!  Sounds great for master T) full size
Dolmio Spaghetti Bolognese Meal base-RRP $2.46 (add meat, tomato paste and mushrooms) full size
Carte Noire Millicano-RRP $10.74 full size
Maille Dijon Originale-RRP $4.38 sample size ($0.50)
Vetta High Fibre Spaghetti-RRP $2.15 full size
Cottee's Fruit Crush drinks-RRP $4.07 sample size (68c each)
Sour Patch Kids-RRP $2.15 full size
Glad Bake-RRP $3.43 sample size ($1.71) I can't find this size anywhere, so am assuming it's a sample
Finish Dishwashing Liquid-RRP $4.83 full size
Air Wick Rare Scents Candle-RRP $11.81 full size
Biozet Attack Rapid-RRP $37.63 sample size (31c each)

Total $45.83

So again my box is worth over the $30 value that RPP set, and we will use everything in our box.

If you are interested in finding out more visit Red Paw Paw


  1. I'm getting excited seeing this post means that my red paw paw box will be arriving soon.
    I almost brought that coffee today (it was half price in Coles) so I am glad I didn't now.

  2. Definitely on it's way, I think they're doing them in batches, but it should be with you by the end of next week.
    Always great when you find something in a box you were planning on buying

  3. You need to highlight that it's not just $5 or $10 a box. I know you have posted 'plus postage' but people often gloss over that when they don't see a figure. The minimum total cost is $12.50 and for a lot of people it's actually between $15 and $20. This site is about being budget conscious so when people are struggling to pay their bills each month then this isn't as good a deal as it seems. All sample size products are usually provided free from companies and can be picked up via FB, supermarket handouts, in the post, the companies themselves or other sample companies that provide these things for free. A lot of the recent products provided in the last 2 boxes have been around for a long time and were also provided free or offered at half price at the supermarkets when first released and are now often on special up to half price so the RRP indicated is an inflated amount that doesn't truly indicate how much you are really getting. If you like the idea of a surprise box of goodies you could make one up yourself for the same price or even cheaper. I was happy to support this Aussie-based company but like many customers are no longer prepared to give my hard-earned cash to a company that lies to it's customers and changes it's contract terms and conditions at the drop of a hat. I would prefer to support a company that doesn't put their own profits ahead of customer service.